Sunday, February 09, 2014

11th of Heartfire – Arch-Mage

Ylva the Arch-Mage. I’m not sure I deserve this.
Ancano shielding the College
 This morning Lydia and I left Whiterun before first light, hastening back to the College. Once we arrived there… Ancano’s shield enveloped the entire college now, and Tolfdir told me that Miss Mirabelle had died while making sure the rest of the College students and staff got away. I kinda liked her. She was the one that welcomed me to the College.

Using the Staff of Magnus, I was able to pierce Ancano’s shield long for me, Lydia and Tolfdir to get through, and we headed straight for the Hall of Elements. Ancano was still casting some sort of spell against the Eye, but he had changed. He was almost transparent now, and he mocked us, saying that he had become invincible. He did something to the Eye that paralyzed Lydia and Tolfdir; I don’t know why it didn’t affect me. I suspect it was because I held the Staff of Magnus, Of course, I tried attacking Ancano, but my attacks passed through him as if he wasn’t there. Then he started really showing off his power. He did something else to the Eye, and it unfolded. I’m sorry, that’s the only way I can describe it.

However, the Eye was fighting back, and some magical constructs materialized in the Hall, like the ones that attacked Winterhold, and they started attacking Ancano. With the time this gave me, I realized that there must have been more of a reason to get the Staff of Magnus than just to get through Ancano’s shield, so I summoned its power and aimed it at the Eye. Slowly, the Eye started foling in on itself, and Ancano’s power was waning. With the magical constructs attacking him, he was soon weak enough for me to attack him and finish him off. As he died, the spell he cast on Lydia and Tolfdir faded, and they were able to help me destroy the last constructs.

As Lydia, Tolfdir and I looked at each other, slowly realizing that we had won, the Psijic monks arrived. They called me Arch-Mage and said that, because of Ancano’s actions, it would be for the best if they removed the Eye of Magnus. They thanked me for what I had done, gathered around the Eye and promptly disappeared. Along with the Eye.

Ylva the Arch-Mage
It seems that Tolfdir and the other surviving mages agree with the Psijic monks that I should be the Arch-Mage now, so… Well, I’m the Arch-Mage. I don’t agree, though. The Arch-Mage should be someone with greater knowledge of magic than I have, greater knowledge about anything, really. I guess my only option is to start learning. But tonight I sleep in my new quarters, and tomorrow I will sleep late. That, at least, I know I deserve.

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