Saturday, February 08, 2014

7th of Heartfire – Barrier

At sunrise, Lydia and I started from Windhelm, travelling to the College as fast as our horses could carry us. And it appears we were just in time. Ancano had raised a ward around the Hall of Elements, sealing himself in together with the Eye of Magnus. Working with the Arch-Mage and Miss Mirabelle, we were able to blast the barrier with enough power to bring it down, and as we entered we saw Ancano casting some sort of spell against the Eye. Miss Mirabelle, Lydia and I stayed back (okay, Lydia held me back), but the Arch-Mage stepped towards Ancano and the orb and… Everything went white, and when I regained consciousness, Ancano had raised another ward and the Arch-Mage was nowhere to be seen.
Ancano and the Eye
As Miss Mirabelle come to her senses, she asked me to look for the Arch-Mage. He was not in the Hall of Elements, but as I left the building I found him. There wasn’t anything I could do for him, though, and it seemed that whatever the white flash that killed the Arch-Mage was, it had done something in the town of Winterhold as well. Lydia and I, together with Feralda and Arniel, two other mages at the College, ran there as fast as we could to deal with the creatures that had appeared; magical creatures, reminiscent of wisps, were attacking everything that moved. As if that wasn’t enough, we had barely finished cleaning up the place before a dragon attacked. Am I the reason of all the dragon attacks? Are they hunting me?

I am off to Labyrinthian now. The Arch-Mage had spoken with Miss Mirabella about the place just a few weeks ago, and had given her an amulet that now lies in my money pouch. It’s late afternoon and there is snow in the air, but I don’t dare wait until morning to start the journey. This has suddenly become a bit bigger than a Nord sorceress trying to grab some power.

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