Saturday, February 01, 2014

19th of Last Seed – Riverwood

This place is horrible! As if the Empire being loony isn’t enough, there are dragons! Bloody creatures out of legend, attacking out of nowhere, burning people to a crisp!

Okay, now that that is out of the way, let me start at the beginning.

The journey to Skyrim was rather uneventful. I hired as a guard to a peddler as far as Bruma, then struck north, trying to get into Skyrim near Falkreath. I hit bad weather on the way there, though, and I must have gotten off course. I did as best as I could traveling through the wilds, trying to avoid crossing the mountains, and that is when I ran into the Imperial army. I’d been told in Bruma that there was unrest in Skyrim, but please! Unrest is when the farmers of a town rage against their lord about taxes, not when someone kills a king and starts a civil war!

So, yeah. There’s a civil war on, and I walked right into an ambush the Imperial army had laid for the rebel leader. I barely had time to register that they were there before I was knocked out. When I woke up again I was dressed in rags and tied up in the back of a cart, being taken to a place named Helgen along with the leader of the rebels, Ulfric Stormcloak, and those of his men that had survived the ambush. Turns out we were being taken to our execution. No appearing before a magistrate, no prison, no nothing. I was being executed because I was crossing the border into Skyrim. So much for Imperial law.

I was saved from the chopping block, though, by an unlikely saviour. I admit it, I was still groggy after the knock on the head, but I know what I saw. A bloody dragon landed on the keep and started killing people! The sight of that beast… That is something I will never forget. Luckily for me, one of the rebels was paying more attention to getting away with his head still attached to his neck than a mythical creature burning the town, so he pulled me away from the dragon and into a stone tower. I won’t claim to remember how I did it, but from there I somehow managed to get into the keep proper, where the man that saved me, his name is Ralof, had also gone to find shelter from the dragon.
Together we fought our way out of the keep, killing any Imperial we came across.

I actually killed people. Funny how easy it is to kill someone when they’re running towards you brandishing a weapon, and you know that if you don’t kill, you will die.

We managed to get out of the keep alive, though, and we headed towards a small town named Riverwood, where Ralof’s sister Gerdur lives with her family. They gave me food and a bed for the night, for which I am grateful. They also asked me to join the Stormcloak rebellion, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, sure, the Imperials tried to execute me, but they are also fighting a rebellion led by the man that murdered the High King of Skyrim! Luckily, they didn’t push the issue, just told me that if I should ever want to join the uprising, I should head to Windhelm. What they did ask me to do, and that I will do, is to travel to the city of Whiterun and warn the jarl about the dragon attack on Helgen. Of course, that was yesterday. I think. And I got distracted. 

'Borrowed' armour and a 'found' bow,
but rested and fed.
There is a merchant in Riverwood named Lucan Valerius, and I agreed to help him retrieve some stolen property. I have no idea what I was thinking. I guess I was still intoxicated after the escape from Helgen, and I thought that a few bandits would be easily taken care of before I headed to Whitrun. Just goes to show how wrong you can be, I guess. Turns out the bandits had holed up in Bleak Falls Barrow, some old ruins just out of town. The bandits weren’t that hard to deal with. I’d grabbed a bow as we fled from Helgen, and I do know a few spells that can take someone down a notch or two. What I didn’t expect were the walking dead. Dead people! Walking around, trying to kill me! And it turns out my magic is about as harmful as a fart against those things. I’m starting to grow fond of this bow I found.

But the barrow. There was something that drew me there. If it is what made me go there in the first place or just what made me go on after I found that claw that was stolen, I don’t know, but drew me on it did. There was a… I don’t even know what to call it. A power there. There was an old wall with some strange writing on it, and when I walked up to it, it… Filled me with power. With knowledge. FUS. That word keeps going through my mind, and I have no idea what it means. 

I’m going to Whiterun now, to warn the jarl about the dragon attack. Then… I don’t know. I heard someone mention a college of magic somewhere called Winterhold. I should go there, too. I obviously need to learn.

And I have some money now. Turns out those barrows are strewn with coins and gems. Something to keep in mind.

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