Thursday, February 13, 2014

14th of Heartfire – Solitude

Actually getting to Solitude took longer than I expected. No dragons this time, but lots of terrain. When we started from Folgunthur this morning it looked like Solitude was quite close. I could see the city in the distance, and though it was higher than the ruins, it didn’t look too far away. Turns out there’s a fjord below Solitude, so we had to ride around, all the way south to Dragon Bridge (And I am very curious about that name), then back north. Of course, I also took a wrong path when we were getting closer, so we had to backtrack, much to Lydia’s amusement. Allie and I were not amused, because rain.
The Execution of the Innocent
Our entry into Solitude wasn’t the greatest either. We arrived through the city gates just as a city guard was being executed. Turns out he was the one that opened the gates for Ulfric Stormcloak after Ulfric had killed High King Torygg. I get the impression that this was something the Imperials had ordered; from what I heard the guard didn’t even know the High King was dead when Ulfric escaped the city, so he was only doing his duty, obeying a Jarl. It appears as if the Imperials are trying very hard to turn the people of Skyrim against each other.

The mood of the city was tense. There are those that support the Empire, those that support Jarl Elisif, and those that support the Stormcloaks, and I fear that this is a smouldering fire that will turn into an inferno. They seem suspicious of strangers as well, so Lydia and I will be heading out first thing tomorrow morning. We’ve decided to at least see what Prince Meridia wants from us. Of course, asking a Daecdric Prince to make an offer and then turn it down may be a bad idea.

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