Thursday, February 06, 2014

3rd of Heartfire – The Eye of Magnus

I’m finally back at the college, and things have been happening. The orb I found in the ruins of Saarthal has been moved into the Hall of Elements, and it appears as if all the mages here are trying to figure out what it is. We can all feel the power emanating from it, and hopefully some progress can be made once Urag the librarian has taken a more thorough look at those books I found. I did read them myself, what I could understand, that is, and it seems that the Nord and the elves fought about something buried deep beneath Saarthal. Seems like a clue to me.
The Eye of Magnus
The journey back to the college was annoying. When Lydia and I left Whiterun we did so under a clear sky. That was not to last. We’d barely crossed the border into The Pale before a blizzard came down from the northern mountains, forcing us to seek shelter. Luckily, we found an ancient barrow. Not as luckily, some bandits had also taken shelter there, and as if that wasn’t enough, it appeared as if they’d disturbed something within, causing the draugr to rise. Not wanting to take shelter together with bandits and draugr, and not very tempted to brave the storm to find another place to stay, we decided to clear out the place. You know, so other travellers could feel safe. Or for gold.

It becomes more and more apparent that something is leading me along, though. Deep in the barrow we found another one of those strange word walls, and now there’s another word jostling for room inside my skull. When those words come to me… The rush and tingle of power is exhilarating. I just wish it didn’t carry with it such implications. The look Lydia gave me after I could see properly again was the most I-knew-you-were-what-I-was-hoping-you-were looks I’ve ever seen.

We spent the night in the barrow, having found a room that could be barred from the inside (just in case we hadn’t killed all the draugr, you see), and the next morning we set out again. The blizzard had passed during the night, so the going was easy. Well, at first it was. We’d barely gone a few leagues before another blizzard announced its presence. And wouldn’t you know, it just so happened that we managed to find shelter in a cave a few instants before the world went completely white. And guess what? There were draugr here as well. And this is really the surprising bit: Another of those word walls just so happened to be waiting for me inside.

This is starting to be annoying. Leading me along? More like deciding my path. It didn’t make it any less suspicious that a dragon attacked us once the weather cleared. I refuse to think about it, although Lydia is dropping some not-so-subtle hints that we should go see the Greybeards.

How much was paid? Ylva wants to know.
But back to the college. The rest of the journey was uneventful until we were in sight of the town ofWinterhold and the College. It would appear that someone has taken a dislike to me and hired the Dark Brotherhood to kill me. Yeah, that Dark Brotherhood. The assassins. I should find out who has paid them, but the assassin isn’t talking to anyone any more, and I haven’t got a clue as to where to start my inquiries. 

As soon as I returned to the college and handed Urag the books, he started poring through them, trying to find some more clues than I had been able to find. Telling me to go bother someone else, I headed to the Hall of The Elements to stare at the orb the mages had moved there from Saarthal. As I was listening to Tolfdir talk about the orb, which, by the way, the mages have taken to calling the Eye of Magnus, Ancano interrupted us. Have I mentioned Ancano? No? There’s a reason. I don’t like him. Not at all. Not a single bit. He’s a ‘guest’ at the college, a high elf sent by the Thalmor to ‘advice’ the Arch-Mage. I’m doing my best to stay clear of him, especially considering that I’ve actually killed a few Thalmor. Judging by Lydia’s scowl, she doesn’t like him either.

Ancano wanted me to come to the Arch-Mage’s chambers. Apparently, a Psijic monk had entered the college and was asking for me. Yeah, Ylva’s getting a lot of attention. As I entered the Arch-Mage’s quarters and spotted the monk, the world seemed to freeze around me. Lydia, the Arch-Mage and Ancano all just stopped moving, and the air was filled with a bluish glow. Turns out the Psijic monks know how to stop time, at least briefly. I really want to know how they do that… Now, moving the Eye of Magnus to the college was apparently a bad idea, and that the Psijic monks wants me to deal with the aftermath of doing that. The aftermath, which, it just so happens, they don’t know what is. Neither do they know what it is an aftermath of, other than that something bad is going to happen. Why me? He wouldn’t say. Too many people are pulling Ylva’s strings.
A monk of the Psijic Order
I’m rested and fed now, and I’m heading below the College to find someone called the Augur of Dunlain. I don’t really want to be ordered around like this, but damn how I want the power of that orb.

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